Prices of the Services and ParkIng per day (24 hours)

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Autocaravan Camper Car + Caravan Electricity 230 V Dog
15 € 16 € 0 € Grátis 2 €



  • Payments are to be made through a cash machine every day separately, the exact amount of money is supposed to be thrown in. Only coins can be used for the cash machine, the change is not given back. In case a member of the staff is present, payments can also be made directly to him / her.
  • Water, WC, sink and WI-FI are included in the basic price. Only electricity and dogs are paid extra. There is no payment per person. (e.g. an autocaravan + electricity + a dog cost 16 euros altogether).
  • Payment receipts are to be placed behind the windscreen on a visible place. In case of campers, they can be put at the window.
  • If you have a discount voucher, you pay the price indicated on the voucher. In this case, the voucher must be displayed along with the payment receipt.
  • If you happen not to have the necessary number of coins, feel free to park and walk to the Kormorán Hotel (400 metres approximately) and the staff at the reception (open 24 hours a day) will gladly change money for you. In case a member of the staff is present in our Stellplatz, you can pay directly to him / her.